Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A trip to the Sungai Buloh nurseries ^^

Honestly, I never thought this place existed. Buried somewhere in the back roads of Sungai Buloh is a long street full of living colors! My camera was in love.. ^^

Bougainvilleas! I've been searching for this exact color.. ^^

Orchid terracotta pots.. so cute! ^^

My mother's favorite, yellow daisies. Fashionably messy..

Not sure what these are, but pretty..

These flowers remind me of China. I've never been there, but... yeah. 

So many varieties of Hibiscus these days.. can you call this one a national flower?

These remind me of my late Opah, for some weird reason..

Might be good for ant-control around the house..

Lilies (?) originally white with yellow centers.. very pretty flowers.

Tiger orchids! I wanted one, but orchids are expensive, and fickle..

Who is that in the background? XD

My 'kampung' flowers. The white version of this one grows all over my grandma's house..

Actually, it wasn't because I loved gardening that I took to the nurseries. I love plants, yes, but gardening meant pruning and trimming and all that controlling stuff. I like my plants awry and wild, thank you very much; let them stretch their limbs ~branches, creepers, whatever~ wherever they please! Honestly, the way my dad was wielding the garden at home, I was afraid of getting any sort of plant at all for fear they would be confined to such limited existence...

My sole reason for the trip was actually, photography. I've been learning a bit, and I thought I should apply it  using whatever mediocre means I have on hand (that would be my Canon EOS 500D with standard 18-55mm lens, folks). Don't get me wrong, I love my camera. I was just trying out my skills, if I have any.

They say if you've got talent, equipments won't matter... What do you think?