Monday, 14 March 2011

Putrajaya & Bagan Lalang Pics

To those who have been waiting for pics, I'm sorry for not posting sooner. Needed to tweak them a bit.. Enjoy! ^^


Nak naik Putrajaya Lake Cruise..

Time ni gak la bangla-bangla dari mana tah sibuk nak naik cruise sekali. Dah la ambik semua kerusi tepi tingkap, hampeh!

On the front deck of the boat..

Ati gelakkan Lim Kok Wing jatuh lam air main waterski..

Ann dengan cermin mata hitam 'otomatik' dia. Cermin mata sitot old-fashion punya..

Kak Long ni tetiba je hilang. Alih-alih tengok dia sibuk mengurat Kapten Ramli..

Kekura yang sangat comel kat kedai cenderamata. Nak beli, tapi kakak kat counter tu kasi evil eye sebab amik gambar, langsung tak jadi..

History repeats itself.. 6 years later! Wey, mana eskrim korang?

Lunch kat Abdullah Chan. Tak selera nak makan, so tangkap gambar pun jadi la.. Ni nama dia buttered prawns..

Um, something ikan masin? Bukan kailan though..

Ayam masak..... ??

Sup tauhu dan bebola ikan! Ingat nama sebab ni je yang boleh makan! ^^

Daging... masak merah? I'm sorry people, I just can't remember. Sedap tapi!


Bagan Lalang banyak tul ketam. Satu pantai tu penuh dengan tahi bulat-bulat dia.. comel kan? ^^

Sukun goreng.. Yum! tapi last time aku cuba benda ni muntah tak habis.. so tak berani nak usik lagi dah.

Cik Mun makan sukun sambil anyam ketupat..

Dan anyam lagi...

Dan lagi...

The entire time dekat pantai ni, macam takut-takut terkena tsunami. So duduk jauh-jauh sikit dari gigi air..

Tiga dara: hyper... keletihan... mengantuk...

Hah, tahi bulat-bulat ketam.. Lagi besar bulatan, lagi besar la ketamnya. Nature really is a work of art!

Tengok apa tu?

Senja kat Bagan Lalang, taken just before leaving.. The floating chalets are part of the rather famous Golden Palm Tree Resort.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Doctors in the House!

The relationship I have with my specialist is very similar to the relationship I have with my MSc supervisor: they both expect great things from me, they both want me to do well.. and obviously, I'm the one who has to work very hard at it.

Yes yes, for my own sake, of course.. but the three of us probably couldn't deny that it'll make them look good in the end! ^^

But there is one major difference.

See, I tend to grit my teeth and take it like a grown woman when it came to my SV. I quietly listen to whatever complaint she has with my higher education and it's progress, and then I go home and chart my own friggin' plans because, admittedly, I feel like I know what I'm doing. Of course, I probably couldn't ignore all of her concerns (she's not an idiot, and I DO take her advice seriously..) but I feel like I'm allowed to do things my way... somewhat.

With my specialist? I seem to have developed a totally different approach.

I whine. Literally.. (-___-)

I know, I know.. you're going to say it's because he's a man. To be more specific, he's a man who knows what's wrong with me and how to fix it, and he's charming and sweet about getting me to do the things I really need to do to get better. I mean, if I was seeing a female specialist, she'd probably give it to me straight, without the sugar-coating ~If you don't change this habit, be prepared to die young!~ or something like that, which unfortunately I have heard before..

Instead, I get the ~Help me help you! We'll set a target for this much weightloss in three months, okay? We can do this!~ from my cute, highly sympathetic male specialist.

And the even funnier thing?

With my SV, I tend to be in agreement up front, but retaliate in private. At the end of the day, I always feel like I want to do things my way, despite the numerous suggestions that have been made before. It's not that I don't respect her wishes. Really, I do. But with her, I seem to desperately need to show that I can handle it. I want her to know that I am capable of solving my own problems.

But with my specialist? I tend to retaliate up front, but end up going with whatever's been suggested.. Yes we argue, but for some odd reason I find disappointing him not an option. I may not like his suggestions, but I take them seriously; at least finding them worth a try.

Aish, the art and power of persuasion.. (-__-)